Have a Fling with New Spring Flavors: Shrimp Cargot

Have a Fling with New Spring Flavors: Shrimp Cargot

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts settling into the spring of things. And at Sullivan’s, we’re always searching for new ways to keep our menu fresh. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the invigorated spring menu, featuring our new Shrimp Cargot. What makes it so special? Dive further to find out.

From empty shells found in the caves of prehistoric man to the writings of Pliny in Rome 77 AD, history tells us that people have enjoyed escargot for thousands of years. And there’s no sign of them stopping anytime soon. The French consume approximately 40,000 tons of escargot each year, making them one of the world’s largest consumers. That should come as no surprise seeing as “escargot” is an inherently French word.

Traditionally, “escargot” refers to a cooked land snail. However, in regard to our Shrimp Cargot, it refers to the style in which the dish is prepared. Instead of using traditional escargot (snail) we take succulent Gulf Shrimp, season them with our sensational butter, garlic and herb mixture, then bake until beautifully browned and served bubbling hot. The perfect recipe for reinvigorating an age-old delicacy.

On your next night out, swing in and sink your fork into our Shrimp Cargot. Or feel free to dance around the dinner menu with favorites new and old: try our new Broiled Salmon Rockefeller, Jalapeno King Crab Gnocchi, or keep it steady with a classic Hand-Cut Filet Duo. Come lunchtime, mix it up with our new Thai Beef Salad made with broiled and sliced steak laid atop a bed of mixed Napa cabbage, arugula and chilled noodles tossed with mangos, peanuts, almonds, tomatoes and avocado. All topped with a delightful ginger-sesame dressing.

Whichever dish you fancy – the Shrimp Cargot or a plate of our world famous onion rings – it’s surely a recipe for success.