Aphrodisiac menu highlights a romantic evening at Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Between Valentine’s Day and the upcoming movie release of Fifty Shades of Grey, romantic evenings filled with ambiance and seduction tempt many couples. A carefully composed plate can bring both the visual and the taste senses to conjure romantic undertones.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse brings the romance with its tempting Aphrodisiac menu options. Certain foods have been touted with aphrodisiac qualities. While a raw oyster’s amorous qualities are well known, strawberries, red meat and chocolate also have sensual qualities. Sullivan’s Steakhouse’s Aphrodisiac menu combines many romantic foods on plates that can enhance the romantic evening.

The Aphrodisiac menu features:

“In the Grey” Violet cocktail

Hand-Shucked Oysters, Strawberry Pearls and Strawberry Mignonette

Duo of Filet, White Asparagus, Butter Poached Lobster and Black Truffle Béarnaise

Warm Banana Nutella Bread Pudding, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Espresso, Dark Chocolate Sauce.


Each of these menu items can be ordered separately, combined or in conjunction with Sullivan’s regular menu.


The oysters paired with strawberries offers a sweetness to soften the briny undertones of the oysters. For diners who shy away from raw oysters, the strawberry flavor makes the dish more approachable. Served as four oysters, the appetizer awakens the palate yet doesn’t take away from the main entrée.


The duo of filet, cooked to the diner’s preferred temperature, is a luscious plate. The earthy qualities of the Béarnaise sauce perfectly complements the robust filet. The tender lobster exhibits buttery notes from the poaching. It is doubtful that any morsel will be left on the plate.


The final offering, the banana Nutella bread pudding, is decadent yet not overly sweet. This dessert is perfect for sharing. Whether diners share or one person devours it all, this dessert is a perfect end to the Aphrodisiac menu.


The Aphrodisiac menu will be available at Sullivan’s Steakhouse through February 20. To make reservations at the Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Naperville, guests can please call the restaurant at 630-305-0230.



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