Drop Anchor at our Anchorage Location

Inside Anchorage Sullivan's Steakhouse

Located in bustling downtown, our Anchorage location has been a part of the fine dining community for more than 15 years. But it was time for a little base lift. That’s why in June 2015, we poured $1 million into renovating, revamping and ultimately, reintroducing ourselves to the city of Anchorage.

“The refreshed design, openness and overall flow of the restaurant ensure that the restaurant’s environment matches the high-quality dining experience our guests receive,” said General Manager Joe Romanosky.

But let’s not forget, beauty goes much deeper than the surface.

The bar area at the new Anchorage Sullivan's Steakhouse

Sullivan’s in Anchorage uses only fresh Alaskan seafood, which gives all of the dishes a unique, authentic take that most restaurants can’t match. The superior flavor of Alaskan Seafood is held in high regard and heavily sought after around the world.

Our Anchorage location has a fresh menu that includes some of the most sought after seafood our seas have to offer. Unique dishes include Wild-Caught King Salmon, Weathervane Scallops, Gulf of Alaska Shrimp, Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea Crab, Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound Oysters.

Wine racks at the new Anchorage Sullivan's Steakhouse

It is due to Alaska’s sheer size that it, and only it, can amass such a haul. And with coastlines along the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea there’s simply no better place to indulge in seafood.