Step into Spring with Fresh Seafood

Step into Spring with Fresh Seafood

Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect time to try a new recipe in the kitchen. Our signature Chilean Sea Bass served “Hong Kong Style” is packed with nutrients and fresh flavors, and is an easy dish to recreate at home.

Chilean Sea Bass “Hong Kong” Style


2 – 8 oz. Fillets Sea Bass Fillet
1 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. White Pepper
6 oz. Baby Bok Choy Leaves
4 oz. Ponzu Sauce
4 each Cilantro Sprig
2 each Lime Wedge


  1. Season each sea bass fillet with ½ tsp salt & ½ tsp white pepper.
  2. Sauté and turn once until the desired temperature is reached (see cooking times below).
  3. Cook bok choy leaves in boiling salted water and drain.
  4. Arrange bok choy leaves in the center of a plate forming a circle in the center.
  5. Remove fillets from sauté pan and place on top of bok choy.
  6. Ladle ponzu sauce over fillets and garnish with cilantro sprigs and a lime wedge.


  • Medium Rare, 4 minutes each side
  • Medium, 5-7 minutes each side
  • Medium Well, 8-10 minutes each side

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What’s your favorite seafood dish to make a home? Share it in the comments.