The Name is the Game

The Name is the Game

What’s in a name? For Sullivan’s, the answer is simple: everything. For us, a name should be more than just clever wordplay; it should be a symbol. An homage. A representation of our belief that every meal should pack a punch. That’s why we named our restaurant after one of the most impressive American boxers of the 19th century – John L. Sullivan. 

John Lawrence Sullivan, also known as the Boston Strong Boy, was an American boxer and the first Heavyweight Champion of gloved boxing: a title he held for nearly a decade. Sullivan’s career was literally all over the place: in addition to winning 40 of his 44 career bouts, he also participated in a coast-to-coast tour by train where he and five other boxers held 195 fights in 136 cities over the course of 238 days. As if 195 fights weren’t enough already, Sullivan announced he would fight anyone for $250. He knocked out eleven more men during the tour.

Prior to his royalty in the ring, he was recognized as the last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckle boxing, and some say his efforts are what put boxing on the map. Prior to Sullivan’s reign, boxing was not a nationally recognized sport. That all changed with the Sullivan-Kilrain fight, the last bare-knuckle heavyweight title bout in history.

For the first time, newspapers were paying attention, carrying pre-fight coverage and following the fighters’ training. On July 8, 1889, approximately 3000 spectators flocked to the secret location to see Sullivan and Kilrain throw down for 75 rounds. Once again, Sullivan was crowned king of the ring.

Sullivan’s stature, bravery and unwillingness to be anything but the best is not only what stamped his name in the history books, but made him the perfect contender to champion our namesake.

Come celebrate John L. Sullivan’s and our 20-year anniversary with our signature drink, “The Knockout.” It’s the perfect way to punch up your evening, no matter what round it is.